Introducing The Solo Sync Podcast

There are some people who know they’re meant to start something of their own someday. To be an entrepreneur of an Original Idea. They’ve known it from the start, and they’ve taken every step towards preparing themselves for the day they hand in that letter and say goodbye to the comfort and familiarity of employment as we know it.

Then, there are others who end up here anyway. Never actually planning for our career path to lead us to where we are today. Although maybe, we’ve always had an inkling that the unpredictability and independence is where our kind of comfort lies. 

Of course, we write this as an unusual duo. One, who runs with the tenacity of a serial entrepreneur coursing through her veins and the other, a starry-eyed entrepreneur-wannabe who perhaps just got lucky over a full-time freelancing year. Yet between us we find so many similarities – questions we’ve asked each other, ideas we’ve bounced, and musings we’ve entertained over coffee, cocktails, and mostly… Whatsapp.

Our conversations have brought us here. Surely there are others who resonate with the same desire for a life lived with purpose! For work that has meaning and joy – not to rely on, but to share and delight in. At the end of the day, we reckon that these ruminations are just too damn good not to put out there. Hopefully, it gets others talking too

So with that we present, The Solo Sync Podcast.