Welcome to Solo Sync

A podcast for the curious solopreneur who’s on the journey of discovering purpose in work.

Hosted by Jeannette and Sarah, we started Solo Sync as two friends who have frequent conversations on the solopreneur / freelancing life and what excites us about the work we do.

We don’t have all the answers, just lessons from real life and ideas we think are worth sharing. That’s the beauty of this unconventional career path anyway – It’s quite the adventure!

Join the conversation as we discover simple solutions to keep enjoying what we do, together.


Sarah Lim

Sarah has always been fascinated with the potential of using media to inspire people towards a greater cause. With this pursuit at heart, she has taken on various roles in marketing communications, public relations, content writing, production, and brand consulting throughout her career. She now works as an independent content writer, also based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Jeannette Goon

Jeannette is a writer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the last five years, she has built and sold a seven-figure ecommerce business, helped clients double their revenue through search engine optimisation, and conducted various media and marketing experiments. She is currently an MRes candidate at University of Nottingham Malaysia and runs a content studio with her husband.

Jason Han

Jason is a sound artist who is passionate about creating extraordinary experiences through the use of sound and imagination. Since graduating as an audio engineer from SAE Institute, he has gathered over a decade of experience in audio engineering and sound designing with Media Prima – one of Malaysia’s leading media corporations. In 2020, he started The Sound Pitstop, which provides audio solutions.